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The Lady in Red...

Her gear was unfussy like her . No Nike shoes, sweat bands, special T-Shirts made of space age wicking materials. She wore a red saree. The kind that is comfortable, most probably cotton . She wore normal running shoes. She came to run and that's what she did...

I am amazed, inspired and humbled by this lady. It would have taken so much perseverence to continue running in Mumbai - with it's weather, it's traffic, with the demands it's hectic life makes on everyone's schedule. To maintain a regular running practice that would enable a person to run a marathon requires a level of commitment a few of us can manage. Add her age and it becomes a feat that is laudable indeed.

She made me think of all the excuses that I come up with - the weather, my feet, my gear, the loud noises my treadmill makes and I realised that all that is nothing but fluff. I don't really need the weather to be just right or my clothes or my body. I just need to make my mind and do it.

So I am going to make her my inspiration and strive to workout everday.. Just show up on the mat every day and do the best that I can.

When I am her age, I hope to be as healthy and run with the same spirit.

Pic courtesy : NIKS DK Photography.

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